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CCTV for Your Home or business
Surveillance installation is getting more and more popular as a deterrent against crime; there are a couple of reasons for this. One is a side effect of a recession is that the crime rate starts to increase as more people are out of work and find themselves out of options and they go down a path of crime in order to survive, and for the rest it is livelihood. The better the security system you have less likely that you will be broken into. It is a sad fact of life that most houses are not properly secured, the police will tell you that before a thief chooses a house to break into, the thief scans which item is the least secured.

A simple observation of the city will tell you cameras are everywhere these days. The reason is quite clear: they are one of the best options available to monitor your home or business operations and ensure safety. A CCTV system with DVR provides you the ability to record and monitor whoever enters your home and nearly everything they do.

While CCTV camera systems are great for crime prevention, there are many other reasons to get a camera system for your home or business, besides crime. For example, if you have children, you can have cameras placed so you can make sure your kids don’t get hurt or into trouble while you’re in your office. Common places people use cameras for this reason is around the swimming pool and other areas where kids can potentially hurt or kill themselves.

With dramatically improved digital technology and diminished operating costs, CCTV’s are found not only in banks or department stores anymore. In fact, if you look around, you will find them in every conceivable place, making them among the more widely-used closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems.


A security camera comes in many different styles including dome, hidden, bullet, box and PTZ. Each serves a different purpose and to find the one best suited to your needs, you should consider several factors, such as whether you will use the security camera inside or outside, during the day, night time, or both.

Bullet and dome style security cameras are the most popular option nowadays. They can be used either inside or outside. These cameras are available in color and come with all of the required mounting hardware. The security camera casings are weather resistant and do not require added external protection. Most security cameras have a fixed 4mm lens that allows you to see facial features out to about 35 feet and offers a 70 degree angle of view. This is the widest angle one can have without distorting the picture.

Infrared surveillance security cameras are also very popular nowadays as they allow an image to be seen in little or no lighting conditions. Most such cameras are bullet or dome style and can be used inside or outside. The cameras have infrared lighting installed around the outer edge of the lens, which permits the security camera to see in no light for up to 25 feet and even further with a little bit of light (like street lighting or an outside light).

A wireless outdoor security camera comes with the intrinsic advantage of being installed easily without much effort. There is no need of wiring, so the time and complication involved in the installation of these cameras is very little. Some wireless cameras still require power cable to run, so they are not through wireless. On the other hand, wired security cameras bears lots of snag in installing it. The wired connection should be set up before installing a new camera. The major disadvantage of using a wireless camera is its dependency on internal batteries, which get discharged easily and should be charged at particular intervals to ensure that it works properly. The wired cameras are free from this inconvenience. Moreover, the cost involved in buying a wireless outdoor camera is very high compared to the wired camera.

NVR (Network Video Recorder) Camera Servers record and broadcast high quality Megapixel IP Camera video and audio data over standard computer TCP/IP networks and you have the ability to watch live and pre-recorded surveillance cameras at such a high quality of resolution and in a digital format which allows for the clarity of the images to be equivalent to that of a 1080p HD TV.

Dome security cameras are excellent for those worried about tampering; it can withstand a 10 lb sledgehammer blow and can be used inside or outside, daytime or night time.


To get the most effective surveillance of your home, the placement of your security cameras is of paramount importance. Firstly, all entry points should to be monitored by high definition security cameras of superior quality, permitting the recording of close-up face shots of everyone entering your house. Inside your house, wide angle color security cameras should be placed in all high traffic areas and rooms in which valuables are located.

The proper placement of security cameras allows you to maintain a record of many activities in your home, and you will be able to easily identify a person by the color of the clothes he or she is wearing. By having a high definition, close-up shot of a perpetrator’s face, knowing the color of his/her clothes, and possessing a video recording of his/her activities is extremely valuable as evidence in court.

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